Does your work and installation come with a guarantee?

  • All of our repair work comes with a 6-month guarantee whereas our all the work done on installations come with an 18-month guarantee but please deal direct with the contractor at hand.

Are we able to pay after the installation has been completed?

  • Aircon Repair Johannesburg do require a 50% deposit on acceptance of any of our quotes, with the balance needing to be paid immediately upon completion of the installation.

Are you able to offer financial assistance for products and installations of your air conditioning units?

  • We do have facilities where our clients are able to apply for credit assistance up to a certain amount. Our interest rates and repayment options are very competitive within the market.

Do you still offer installations on units that were self-bought?

  • Yes – For a nominal fee, we are able to provide you with unit installations at your request.

Are you able to provide maintenance to ensure working units even ones that were self-bought?

  • As above, we can offer this service to our clients at a nominal fee.

How often should I look at servicing my unit?

  • Traditionally, we recommend servicing your unit once a year, however once the unit is older than 24 months, it would be advisable to service it every 6 months.

Why should my unit be serviced?

  • It’s important to keep your air conditioning unit well maintained and serviced to ensure efficient air flow as well as to clear any dust particles that may build up over time.