Aircon Repair Johannesburg

At Aircon Repair Johannesburg, our range of cassette air conditioning units are really ideal for typical office spaces. These installations are easy to install provided there is room to ensure proper airflow. If this isn’t systematically worked out, a room could be either too hot, or too cold.

Once again, Aircon Repair Johannesburg  affiliate ourselves with most brands, but the most common we seem to find ourselves installing are either Samsung or LG. This is due the range of cassette units that Samsung are able to offer. These range from different phases of both outdoor and indoor units as well as different ranges of inverters.

These units are installed through the ceiling whereby the covers can be seen across the ceiling panels if you were sitting at a desk. Ducts run through the ceiling into the roof and allows for the piping to reach outdoors. This provides optimal use of air that is being filtered through the system and generates either hot or cool air.

Depending of the office space, or the size in which you want a specific area covered, Aircon Repair Johannesburg  can look at installing a few systems on one floor, all of which will be connected by the same system leading outside. The Samsung and LG units can be operated either through a wi-fi connection, or a good old fashioned remote.

Installation takes roughly 1 to 3 days depending on the office space and is really a low maintenance air conditioning unit as well as cost saving measure instead of having multiple wall units on one floor. Again, our expertise assists Aircon Repair Johannesburg  in customer satisfaction, and you will not be left disappointed.