Aircon Installer Johannesburg

Our second and biggest point of income comes from installing central air conditioning units for Aircon Installer Johannesburg; big commercial clients and their properties. This is generally installations of air conditioning units within big malls, restaurants and potentially even factories.

This is one of our top fields of expertise as we have numerous tenders and contracts with a handful of major shopping malls in and around Johannesburg and Pretoria. Aircon Installer Johannesburg however do not only limit ourselves to the installations of these units, but we remain on hand for any service related issues or after service maintenance and repairs.

Aircon Installer Johannesburg  have a handful of technicians within our team who are on hand to assist with any issues 24/7. These jobs generally take quite a bit longer as there are many different components to the installations.

When installing something as big as central air conditioning for a mall, for example. There are some processes that need to be followed to ensure future smooth operating of the systems. These include but are not limited too; ensuring there is a plant room which can be accessible should the need arise. Within a plant room, its important to ensure that we have a thermostat, condenser as well as a compressor.

This is especially important as it ensures that everything is kept cool and distributed effectively throughout the mall which passes through various coils which may take a while to set up during installation.

Although a bigger job than our standard home installations, you still cannot go wrong with our level of expertise and experience. These installations typically take several days to a week to complete. Please feel free to get in touch with our excellent team for an obligation free quote.

Let Aircon Installer Johannesburg assist in ensuring your customers satisfaction by creating a great working and shopping environment.