Aircon Installation Johannesburg

Aircon Installation Johannesburg  mainly specialise in home installations as most of our clients are looking for some added comfort within their homes, especially during those colder winter evenings or really hot and humid summer nights.

Some of our clients also look at installing air-conditioning units, not only as a means of comfort, but as a measure to upsell their property once they think of selling and moving on. This is one sure and easy way to ensure a little bit of extra value comes your way as most homes don’t generally come with built in air-conditioning units.

Aircon Installation Johannesburg  main speciality when it comes to home installations of air-conditioning units, are generally split inverter systems. These are really simple to install and offer the most value and comfort. Our split wall installations are generally placed along a well-structured wall that can hold the weight of the unit. We do however include additional metal frames during our installations for added support.

Aircon Installation Johannesburg  find that most of our customers prefer purchasing a unit within the Samsung range as there are quite a variety of user friendly, environmentally friendly and cost-effective options. Especially when clients of ours seems to favour the brand and tend to have various products within their household of the same brand.

Nowadays most air-conditioning units are energy efficient – this is definitely important for the energy conscious individual when it comes to the rising costs of electricity.

Whether you are looking at installing one unit to add to the comfort of multiple rooms within your home, multiple units within the comfort of your home, or one unit for a specific room, our specialised team are on call and waiting to assist you in elevating your overall experience and comfort.